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“You get stranded on a desert island and you can only keep one thing with you. What do you keep?”

“A deck of tarot cards. More specifically the Wild Unknown first edition because have you seen  that card stock? It’s out of this world and I - ”

“You’d keep a deck of cards? Are you serious?”

“Eh, yeah, and if I got lonely I could have conversations with the deck. They’d be like a metaphysical version of Wilson from Castaway.”

“You wouldn’t be interested in food? Water? An iPhone?”

“But I’d get so much in-depth study done because there’d be nothing else to do…”

“You really need a hobby.”

No kidding. So here it is. Hello and welcome to Empress & Star. I’m Amy and I sort of have a thing for tarot cards. I collect decks like some people collect antiques and I honestly just love them. Tarot has been a passion of mine ever since my first deck was placed in my hands.

This blog will hold my musings about tarot, oracles and various other spiritual/Divinatory things that catch my interest. I’ll also be including some spreads, readings, reviews, interpretations and more. This little blog really is a passion project. If I was a tarot card, I reckon I’d probably be the Fool, always ready for the next big leap into the unknown (what can I say? It’s the Sagittarian in me). So let’s leap. Ready? Jump.

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