Spring cleaning

If you’re in the northern hemisphere like me then today we’re celebrating Ostara, or the Spring Equinox. Today we have equal lengths light and darkness and the seasons have officially changed. Goodbye winter, hello summer.

When it comes to tarot, I’m usually a pretty low maintenance reader (my decks are lucky if they get charged every now and then). But with spring in the air and after a super long winter of deep introspection led with tarot, this reader will be getting her tarot spring clean on over the next couple of days.

So how will I be spring cleaning my decks/tarot space? I plan on doing some if not all of the following...

The reading space
If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I do the majority of my readings/daily draws at my altar. If you're anything like me, chances are you will sometimes for get that altars need love too. So with that in mind, over the next few days I will be...

  • Actually cleaning down my altar and giving it a good tidy
  • Physically washing it with a mixture of water from the White Well in Glastonbury and essential oils that favour divination and ritual work
  • Spiritually washing it by using Reiki symbols to draw in healing light
  • Redoing the vision board that hangs behind it so it reflects my goals for the upcoming season
  • Placing a crystal grid on it for a few days to charge it up
  • Opening the windows and letting some light stream down onto it to give it even more charging goodness

The tarot decks
Again, sometimes we forget that our tarot decks need a little TLC. They go through a lot after all - bad shuffles, getting eaten by our animal friends, getting their corners turned down. Give them some a little love this spring.

  • I'll be looking at my main reading decks for obvious signs of wear and tear. If they’ve gotten a little bent from reading, I’ll be placing them under a heavy book on a flat surface to bring them back to shape
  • They will be lined up on the newly charged altar and smudged with a mixture of white sage and Palo Santo until the energy is light and bright again
  • I’ll be setting out each deck to soak up the vibes of the sun (with an appropriate crystal) and the waxing moon (also with an appropriate crystal)
  • Finally, I’ll be doing a personal ritual of attuning the deck to my heart and higher self so all those messages flow through with ease and clarity
Spring cleaning our decks and reading spaces is a fantastic way to get us settled into the new season and to leave behind the slow, sluggish energy of winter. Try some of the above - you'll definitely notice a difference in your readings.

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