Saturn Return

In 2014 I became aware of my Saturn return. My knowledge of astrology is relatively basic and when things suddenly started to go wrong in my life, it was an astrologically-inclined friend who made a remark along the lines of: ‘Oh, not surprising, your Saturn return is starting.” As someone who had never heard the term ‘Saturn return’ before this freaked me the f**k out.

How could some planet have such an impact on my life? So then I did what I always do when something makes me curious or pisses me off: I read absolutely everything I could find on the topic.

So what has my Saturn return been like? Well… not to terrify you or anything but I’ll be honest and say it’s been pretty brutal. Like, I’m talking on-my-hands-and-knees-screaming-WTF?!-at-the-Universe-multiple-times-in-the-middle-of-the-night brutal. But with that being said, I don’t begrudge poor Saturn. All the upset/lack of clarity/setbacks/confusion its caused has been a good thing. When Saturn returns, it shows you all the areas of your life that aren’t working. He brings up old wounds, issues and situations that need to be healed. Saturn is all about firm foundations and one thing is for sure, if your foundations are weak to start off with, he will uproot them, school you, and teach you how to learn firmer ones so you’re better able to support yourself.

That’s all lovely, right? But when you’re in the middle of it, it can be hard to see this glorious perspective of deep spiritual truth and growth. Given that I’m finally (finally!) coming to the end of my return (you guys, it’ll all be over by December and I can’t wait!) I thought it’d be fun to do up a Saturn Return spread. 

If you’ve been suffering through it too (or if you’ve already been through it and want to look back on what you learned retrospectively), then give the below a try.

1. Who was I when my Saturn return started?
2. Who am I currently?
3. Who will I be when my Saturn Return ends?
4. What has been the most powerful thing that this Saturn Return has taught me?
5. What other lessons do I still have to learn?
6. How can I integrate everything I've learned so far?
7. How can I integrate the lessons I have yet to learn?
8. What will manifest in my life as a result of this Saturn Return?
9. Is there anything else that I need to know? (Guidance from your Higher Self/Spirit Guides)

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