Feeling the resistance

Today I want to talk about a topic that has come up for me over and over again over the past few weeks. Chances are it’s something that you’ve struggled with too at some stage in your life. That topic is: resistance.

I’ll be straight up honest and say that despite my day job as a writer, and despite the passion and love I have for this particular method of self-expression, starting a blog was not easy for me. Yes, my intuition has been urging me to do it for years, and yet I still feel intense resistance every time I sit down to craft a post.

Resistance is tricky for two reasons: 1. If you grin and bear it and take the ‘push-through-it’ path, you’re likely to experience feelings of fatigue and possibly burn-out. 2. If you decide to give into it, you’ll get absolutely nothing done and get wrapped up in the fear trap it brings with it. But what if there was a third option?

If my meditation practice has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes all we really need to do is sit down and examine what’s at the core of this feeling (because there is always a core) and that usually when something manifests itself so strongly (as a feeling or otherwise), it’s arising to be witnessed. When we witness it, we can clear it.

So what happens when you sit down and look at the core? What’s behind all of that resistance? For me, personally, it’s fear. It’s fear of being seen. It’s fear of feeling as though I don’t have enough authority or experience to write about tarot. It’s the fact that tarot has been a deeply personal practice for me for so long, that to suddenly have it out in the open makes me feel vulnerable.

My wonderful and incredibly wise Reiki master told me once before that when you feel resistance, you need to find the root and then move through it. Our fear expands and contracts in proportion to our perception of it and once we start to move through it, and realise that everything is okay, eventually it will shrink. The trick however is to always assess it first and acknowledge the root. To try and push through without doing this will just take more energy. When you find the root, you understand why you need to move forward.

Are you currently dealing with resistance? Here are a few tips to help you work your way through it.

1. Acknowledge the root. Discover why you feel this resistance. Really examine it. Is your resistance because you genuinely don’t want to do whatever it is you’re currently attempting to do? Or is just fear that’s trying to keep you small?

2. Take a few deep breaths. Thank the resistance for showing up and giving you the opportunity to understand yourself better. Decide what the next best step for you is. Do you need to dive straight in to what you’ve been resisting? Or do you need to take a break and have some fun first? You might want to spend some time journaling about this experience or sitting with your feelings.

3. Take care of yourself. Treat yourself. Be kind and compassionate to yourself.

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