Your interpretation or mine?

One of my favourite things about intuitive work is the fact that it’s so individualised. You are the only one who has power to access your own intuition, hence the insights you receive and how you interpret them, will always be unique to you.

Lately I’ve been witnessing a lot of argument on certain tarot groups, videos etc. about the interpretations that certain readers use. I’ve witness readers call out others and slate them for the interpretation they give or how they shuffle cards or the fact that they like to blend tarot and oracle cards together. To be honest it makes me want to ask if these people even get the point of what it means to work with a tool that relies so heavily on intuition.

As an intuitive reader, I never formally learned the meanings of each card. I listened to my intuition. This doesn’t make my readings any less valuable than a reading performed by someone who formally studied the symbolism of each card and vice versa.

The thing about intuition is just that – it’s our ‘inner tuition’- and how each of us is taught, is usually the way that is best for us. I think that there needs to be less emphasis on placing readers into pigeon holes or devaluing the guidance people put out there just because they don’t conform to your idea of what an intuitive or tarot reader should be. There’s room enough for everyone and who cares if someone’s interpretation of The High Priestess is different to yours as long as it brings value to another person in some small way?

Less ego, more intuition. Less ‘calling out’ and more support. We seem to forget that for many years tarot wasn’t in the public light as much as it is now, so we should be celebrating each other for adding to the global discussion. Just a thought.

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