Holding Space

Holding space. It’s a concept that comes up a lot in terms of healing. When you go to a healing practitioner, they ‘hold space’ so your body is free to cleanse and clear and heal whatever wants to arise during the session.

Holding space is something that’s incredibly important when it comes to tarot as well. Tarot has always been a healing tool for me. I’ve always seen it as a catalyst. It wakes people up to the issues that they need to address in their life and more often than not, it sheds light on how they can live to their fullest potential. Tarot is the spark, the inspiration, and I’ve seen a simple reading change people’s lives for the better.

So where does holding space fall into this? Well in order for the transformative impacts of tarot to take place, as readers it’s so important for us to create the space in which this can happen. To bear witness to the cleansing and clearing that needs to occur.

Holding space basically means that we honour the person’s journey. We are there with them, igniting the spark, however being careful not to cloud their healing with our own judgements and opinions. It’s all about being objective – something that can be hard as a tarot reader. We need to almost separate ourselves from the reading. This doesn’t mean that we become cold and distant, no, but that we melt into the experience. We become a channel for the meaning of the cards, but without ascribing a judgement to what we say.

Holding space for healing, especially through tarot, can be tricky business, but the good news is that it gets easier the more you do it. Remind yourself that it is not your job to interfere in any way. Your job is to sit, give the interpretations and guidance without judgement and to allow the sitter to express their vulnerability or need for healing without trying to ‘fix’ them.

Holding space is a practice of deep empathy and compassion and it’s such a worthwhile skill to cultivate. Tarot can be a tool for incredible healing if we approach it in the right way.

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