The extra information

This is a topic that I’ve been wanting to address for a long time. What do you do with the ‘extra information’ that you receive during a tarot reading?

The ‘extra information’ is what I call the intuitive hits, the words that pop into your head, the flashes of colours you see around a client maybe, the voice by your ear or the niggle that’s pushing you to a certain card or spread.

This information comes to all of us in different ways and while some may get a niggle, others might have a feeling they can’t explain or they may experience this in a more subtle way.


Tarot is an intuitive tool and it causes us to flex our intuitive muscles whether we’re aware of it or not. I believe each of us has access to these insights and that when we play with our cards or do readings for ourselves or others, we’re building our own unique intuitive strengths.


I always think that it is essential to be careful about how you convey this extra information to your sitter. Why? Well let’s just say you receive the word ‘rose’ when you’re doing a reading. This may not seem like a big deal for you, but if you simply blurt it out, you may find that it was the name of your sitter’s mother that she’s still desperately grieving for and doesn’t want to speak about.

It’s all a matter of tact and to be honest it’s also about offering information that adds to the highest good of the sitter, as opposed to subtracting from it.

So how do you ensure that the extra information is a) relevant and b) empowers and adds to the sitter’s experience in some way?


The answer is simple: you take ego out of it. All of us want to be able to channel amazingly accurate and jaw-dropping information, but the key word here is channel. A channel is something that doesn’t judge, it just passes on information that’s meant for someone else and this is the view I try to take when reading for another. What I’m doing isn’t special, I’m simply passing on messages from that person’s higher self, source, their guides, whatever, that’s just for them, to empower them, to help them on their path, to add to their experience so they can cultivate a nourishing life.

I always start a reading by silently asking the universe to send whatever information the person needs to hear most right now for their highest good. I ask that their guides be present and assist with whatever relevant information needs to be passed their way and I begin by stating to the sitter that I sometimes receive extra information and would they like me to pass this on to them or not. Next I say that the information is just for them so I will state exactly what I see, even though it holds no relevance to me. I always tell them that it’s okay for them to record the reading as if the information makes no sense now, it may in the future. I also tell them that if there’s anything they don’t want to speak about then to just say it and we can stop, no questions asked.

A lot of this links back to thinking about the sitter and holding space and creating an environment for them that’s conductive to their healing and empowerment.

That extra information has the potential to really take a reading to the next level and it does have its place in the experience, but only when its conveyed in a tactful manner which is sensitive to how it can impact the sitter.

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