Full moon in Aquarius

It’s the full moon eclipse in Aquarius. The energy has been crazy intense so I spent my day in nature, grounding deep. When it comes to doing personal readings, I mostly throw my cards on new and full moons.

Today I decided to stray away from my usual routine where I intuitively pull four or five cards, and try out the great full moon in Aquarius spread from Ethony (you can find the spread over on her Instagram page by clicking here).

For this reading I was drawn to a deck I love but hardly ever use for myself, the Druidcraft. It must be the grounding, earthy energy of the cards. I love this deck, but find it hard to shuffle due to the size of the cards.

Full moon in Aquarius spread by Ethony

1. What possibilities are being offered to me right now? Queen of Pentacles
This card has been stalking me for the past few weeks, so I’m not surprised to see it here at all. I’m being given the opportunity to really ground into my body and into my sense of home. This full moon is offering a return to my body. I have the tendency to live in my head a lot and over the past few weeks it’s become highlighted to me how important it is for us to embody, as opposed to just ‘be’ in our bodies. Yes, we can be in our bodies, but embodiment is a very different thing. This full moon is calling me to embody, to get in touch with those things that make me feel grounded and to root down deep. I also associate this card with authenticity – ripping off the mask and allowing your true self to appear. Embodying the truth of who you are.

2. What area of my life is craving freedom and experimentation? Six of Swords
My thoughts/psychological self is craving smoother waters. Overthinking complicates things. It’s time to be and feel, as opposed to thinking about things. I need to embody (there’s that word again) and allow myself to feel my way forwards as opposed to over complicating things by thinking them to death. It’s time to experiment with feeling, especially when it comes to making decisions. What would feel best?

3. Where in my life can I bring more unity? Prince of Cups
The Queen of Pentacles sits with both feet on the earth, yet the Six of Swords and the Prince of Cups are near water. There needs to be a balance between emotional expression and grounding into feelings rather than letting them overwhelm. It’s feel your feels, but feel them in a balanced way so they don’t overwhelm or morph into overthinking or rumination.

4. What old habits/beliefs need to be released under this Full Moon? Queen of Cups
The belief that healing isn’t possible, that emotional balance isn’t possible, that there will always be a struggle between the intuitive and the rational and issues surrounding the blending of the intuitive into daily life.

5. Where do I need to go with the flow? Three of Wands
When it comes to all those long-held dreams, I need to release them. There’s only so much of the process that we can control and influence, and at some point you have to loosen the reins and just let the universe take over. It’s also about recognising how far your influence extends. Are you really in control of every single details regarding a project or dream? Or are there other people that need to do their job too, people that you can’t control. Figure out where your influence stops and try not to worry about the outcome. 

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