Tarot resolutions

While I’m not one for conventional new year’s resolutions, I am one for tarot new year’s resolutions. If you’ve fallen away from your tarot study over the past few months, January is the perfect time to get reacquainted. Don’t know where to start? Here’s some of the things I’ll be doing…

Cleansing my go-to decks: Okay, I cleanse my decks about once in a blue moon because I usually don’t feel the need to do it, but, given that there is actually a blue moon this month, I’ll be busting out the Palo Santo to get rid of any stagnant energies.

Taking part in a challenge: A daily tarot challenge is a fantastic way to get you back into the habit of doing daily draws and actually spending some time with your cards. I’m currently taking part in #thejanuarytarot challenge over on Instagram and new challenges are popping up every single day.

Reading more tarot books: I recently read Bakara Wintner’s ‘WTF is Tarot?’ and loved it. Even though I’ve been reading for ages, I still managed to learn something new. I want to read more tarot-related books cover the coming year because I know they’ll help me stay fresh and try new things.  

Picking one deck: When reading for other people, I let intuition dictate the deck I use, but when it comes to reading for myself, I’m planning on spending quality time with one deck (okay, maybe two…) this year. My deck of choice (aside from my beloved Wild Unknown)? The Prisma Visions Tarot. This was gifted to me over Christmas by my very lovely fiancé and given the complexity of the imagery and the depth of the symbolism, I really want to spend time getting to know it on every level.

Cleaning my space: I have an altar set up in my bedroom which is where everything happens: Reiki practice, meditation practice, tarot draws and more. It’s been looking a little dusty lately so you bet I’ll be giving it a deep clean and swapping out some objects to better reflect who I am and what I want as we move into 2018.

Claiming my tarot-ness: One thing that I’ve struggled with a lot over the years (and one thing I imagine a lot of readers struggle with), is being open about the fact that I read. When I first start exploring tarot, a lot of it was done in secret and not shared with others. As I got older and spoke about it more, I had some not-so-pleasant reactions from people. Thankfully in modern society tarot and esotericism has become trendy and cool, and more people are open to learning about it. I want to step into that part of myself more throughout 2018 and sing it loud and proud instead of feeling like it’s something I need to hide. Intuitive people and tarot card readers exist, and the more open and vocal we are about it, the more it’s normalised. So if you sling cards, sling them with pride.

Blogging more: I had grand intentions for this blog when I first started it last year, but, as they say, life got in the way and I had less time to devote to it. I’m hoping 2018 will see more posts here.
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